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Time: 3:20

In Part 3 of The Last Audit, Needleman recovers from his accident and considers taking Alex and Zuzu’s bribe. But when the entire police department and SWAT arrive outside, Alex and Zuzu must do the right thing…whatever that is.

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FUNNYFIXX NOTE: You know how in life things feel out of control, then suddenly there’s a moment of calm where you have some sense of balance? Like there’s hope after all. There’s a way out of the mess you’re in. In the third part of The Last Audit that’s where Alex and Zuzu find themselves. Until…the police show up. Then everything reels out of control again. Sounds like real life, doesn’t it?



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Time: 3:51

In Part 2 of The Last Audit, Alex’s plot to murder Needleman goes awry when Needleman disappears. Then it’s a panicked search through the house with kitchen tools for weapons. When they do find Needleman, they think he’s already accidentally killed himself.

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FUNNYFIXX NOTE: When I wrote this script many years ago, the economy was booming, people were driving new Ferraris and buying mansions. Entrepreneurs like Alex and Zuzu in The Last Audit were opening new cafes and raking in the dough. So it was a stretch to imagine these characters would have to turn to desperate measures to solve their IRS problem. Buy, hey, it makes a funny film, right?

Today, millions of people are losing their homes and businesses. Not because of the IRS auditor from hell but because of the economy from hell. In today’s atmosphere of desperation a lot more people can identify with Alex and Zuzu’s extreme behavior as they step over the line of normal life into a quagmire of chaos.



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Time: 3:33

Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of taxpayers like the words: tax audit. But if you’re honest and pay your taxes on time, you have nothing to worry about, right? Wrong. If you’re unlucky enough to get the IRS auditor from hell, Ernest Needleman, be afraid, very afraid. When Needleman comes to confiscate their café, their home, their lives…Alex and Zuzu must stop him anyway they can.

In Part 1 of The Last Audit, Alex and Zuzu take their IRS auditor hostage. When they can’t figure out what to do with him, Alex decides they must kill him.

This short film premieres in three parts just in time for TAX DAY!! It’s a production of Short Film Machine in association with Kirby Hamilton & Co., Mad Gator Films and Lindsey Films. Directed and cinematography by Kirby Hamilton. Written by Sharon Y. Cobb. Edited by Colin Williams. Music composed and performed by Shawn K. Clement. Starring William Kent as Alex, Raiko Bowman as Zuzu and Daniel Johnson as Needleman. For full credits of the talented cast and crew, click here:

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: When I lived in Los Angeles, I wrote this short film for French Stewart, Cynthia Gravinese Brown and another actor friend of French’s. At the time French was starring in a popular sitcom, “Third Rock From The Sun.” On the show, he played the dorky alien and was looking for a short film with a leading man role that would get him off the dork train, as he put it. We assembled a full cast and crew of LA pros and were within two weeks of shooting when the budget plug got pulled by the money-guy whose new bride couldn’t see spending $52,000 to make a 10-minute film in 35mm.

Many years later Kent and Pepper Lindsay and Kirby Hamilton and I teamed up as Short Film Machine to finally get The Last Audit made. It premiered at the 2008 Jacksonville Film Festival and now…to honor April 15 (Tax Day) we’re launching The Last Audit on the internet in three parts. Enjoy!