JACKSONVILLE AXEMEN: “Don’t Drink Imported Beer? Look Out For The Axemen!”


Time: 1:30

The Jacksonville Axemen Rugby League Team take their sponsors VERY seriously, especially Barons Brewing.

Written by Daryl Spinner Howland. Produced by Sharon Y. Cobb. A Production of FunnyFixx.com. Music composed and performed by Shawn K. Clement. Starring Brian McLogan, Nick “Wicked” Shea, Joshua G. Jackson, Rich Alleger, Jamie Uyttewaal, Jay DeFau, John Turlington, Kenny Brit and Chris Cassells. Spokesman in video: Daryl Spinner Howland, Jacksonville Axemen Co-Founder, Operations and Coach. Drew Slover, Jacksonville Axemen Co-Founder, General Manager-Marketing & Advertising.

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: Rugby League is one of the coolest sports in the world. When my husband and I heard there was a rugby league team in Jacksonville, we went to their first game, bought season tickets and attended every home game. Our team is the Jacksonville Axemen. When their co-founder, Spinner Howland, brought Russell Crowe’s team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, to our town for an exhibition match against the Leeds Rhinos, thousands turned up for the game.

Spinner helped me with a script I wrote, Rugby Girlz, about a New Zealand Maori girl sent to live in the American Deep-Fried South. She starts a girls rugby team and a girl-power movement in the hick town. I’m hopeful that one day that film will get made…but meantime…when Spinner ask me to help with a video he wrote for his Axemen team, I said definitely yes. I shot this video in one hour with rugby players as actors. Two days later I had it edited and up on the Axemen’s new YouTube website: http://www.youtube.com/user/JacksonvilleAxemen. Also check out the Axemen’s site: http://www.jaxaxe.com/