RAM (Random Access Memory)


Time: 3:03

RAM (Random Access Memory) is an animation by Caroline Ting of New Zealand about becoming too reliant and emotionally attached to your personal computer. It is an exaggeration of the artist’s research on recent trends of dependency and attachment found in children for their PCs, especially in the U.S. and U.K. The animation centers on the interaction between two boys, Mark and Tylr, while the technical focus of the piece is on animation, particularly facial animation. The style of the piece is based on Japanese anime, which has already been used for many technological and sci-fi series and is born from a country famous for its technophilia and tendency to use technology for fun and companionship. The voice actors used were children the artist overheard at a comic book store and while most of the dialogue is scripted, Caroline also made use of excess recordings that were just too funny to not use.

This is Caroline Ting’s page on the animation website aniboom: http://www.aniboom.com/boomzones/cazzamaru. You can see more of the artist’s process and her Massey University classmates’ works here: http://digitalmedia.massey.ac.nz/exposure/area.php?id=13

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: We probably all have an emotional attachment to our computers and spend more time with them than with our family and friends. When I saw Caroline’s remarkable animation, I loved her characters and the art of it all, but really identified with the story. Enjoy!



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Time: 1:29

Give your baby the gift of self esteem. This faux commercial brought to us by the amazing psychos at Saturday Night Live.

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: This baby toupee concept is so over-the-top, ah…no pun intended…that it’s hysterical. One of the cool things about Saturday Night Live over the years is the fake commercials…a brilliant idea since we always stick around for advertisements hoping it’ll be one of the SNL insane ads. Cool, yes?



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Subtitled Man – watch more funny videos

Time: 1:53

This is an interview with a man with an unfortunate problem: everything he says and thinks in real life is subtitled. Yes…a little black box with what he’s saying in white letters appear on his mid section. This causes endless stress for the poor guy and even makes him the target of bullies.

Directed and edited by Chris Stevens. Albion Gray stars as Subtitled Man and Mark Restuccia as the Interviewer.

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: I just checked in at FunnyOrDie and discovered this little jewel on the front page. At the moment it only has about 500 views, but it will go viral, no doubt, and end up with hundreds of thousands views. Enjoy!




Time: 3:17

O Saya Vs. Jai Ho Remix! This video created by Sandy of kksandy71 YouTube channel with no copyright infringement intended. The remix was created by the talented music composer/music programmer Darrel Mascarenhas. Please check out his other great remixes!! http://www.youtube.com/user/darrelmasc. Sandy sends congrats to Slumdog Millionaire for Winning 8 Academy Awards!

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: On my search for the “official” version of the dance at the end of Slumdog Millionaire, I stumbled upon a couple of fascinating videos. The one above was a remix created by fans.

The video below was created by the gifted folks at Benderspink (one of Hollywood’s coolest management and production companies) as their 2008 holiday short/greeting card.

Time: 2:26

If you haven’t seen Slumdog Millionaire…do yourselves a favor and go now while it’s still on the big screen.

(Slumdog Millionaire is distributed by Fox Searchlight)

  • Best Motion Picture of the Year: A Celador Films Production, Christian Colson, Producer
  • Achievement in Directing: Danny Boyle
  • Adapted Screenplay: Screenplay by Simon Beaufoy
  • Achievement in Cinematography: Anthony Dod Mantle
  • Achievement in Film Editing: Chris Dickens
  • Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original score): A.R. Rahman
  • Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures (Original song): “Jai Ho” Music by A.R. Rahman, Lyric by Gulzar
  • Achievement in Sound Mixing: Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke and Resul Pookutty



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Last Sunday night was not just Sunday night…it was Oscar Night. The worldwide frenzy over Hollywood’s Academy Awards always reminds me of the insane years I spent held captive by my own frenzied ambition to become a professional screenwriter. Yes, I did sell a few scripts and get a few little movies produced, but mostly, all that led to this: making my own webisodes, blogging and writing a book called False Confessions of a True Hollywood Screenwriter. I’ll publish the book as an e-book soon and let you know where to find it. Meanwhile, here’s an except about my initiation into Hollywood’s life-or-death awards night.

Beverly Hills.

My first Oscar Week was bizarro. Famous stars, directors and producers descended upon our little town like locusts on corn, or potatoes, or whatever it is that they devour. You couldn’t go out to dinner without being forced to dine with Emma Thompson, Quentin Tarantino or Spike Lee. Adoring fans gathered across from popular celeb haunts like The Four Seasons, Beverly Hills Hotel, the Peninsula and the Beverly Wilshire to scream and take photos when their favorite star emerged to dive into his limo.

I spent Oscar Night at Women in Film’s Academy Awards viewing party at The House of Blues. Leaving about 11:00 in a stream of industry folks headed to other parties, I had a relatively quick run from Sunset to Melrose. But then I came upon an amazing sight: bumper-to-bumper limos as far as I could see.

One of the biggest parties every Oscar Night is held at Morton’s. It’s the Vanity Fair party and all the award winners are there. Little did I know I had merged into the wrong lane and somehow was trapped in the never-ending parade of limos circling the blocks around Morton’s. So there I was in my old silver Saab in a sluggish river of shiny new black and white stretch limos, going round and round.

I did get to see Whoopi Goldberg waving to crazed fans as she went into Morton’s. The throng cordoned off across the street from Morton’s screamed out stars’ names as they popped out of their limos. It was near hysteria as I slowly cruised by in the crush of luxury autos.

After circling the event four times in the stream of limos, I finally nosed my way into the escape lane, ran a red light and fled south until I hit stalled traffic near The Four Seasons.

I finally caught on to the limo logic and realized there was nowhere for hundreds of limos to park, so the drivers had to keep on driving. That made every street in Beverly Hills a slow-moving parking lot. Instead of going ballistic as I usually did in gridlock, I decided to enjoy the Oscar Night cruising.

I let myself get caught in all the important traffic jams. I did the Vanity Fair traffic jam again, then took a detour to Chasen’s, where one of the big hoodoos was hoodooing. I may not have gone to the Oscars or gotten into any of the big parties, but I was rubbing bumpers with Tom Hanks and Carrot Top. At least that should count for something.


Curious Case of Disappearing Benjamin


Forrest talks!Benjamin walks!

Friends checking FunnyFixx.com for the amazing video called The Curious Case of Forrest Gump were disappointed when they found it missing several days in a row. Through diligent snooping and dumb luck, I’ve found a new link and so…finally, Benjamin and Forrest are back on FunnyFixx.

You can watch the video by clicking: http://funnyfixx.com/blog/2009/01/30/the-curious-case-of-forrest-gump/


THURAPY #12 Who Shot Roy Ray?


Time: 1:22

The title says it all.

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: This is the last of our Thurapy Classic remixes. I loved the individual stories that originally began premiering in May 2008 where each character had their therapy session featured, Roy Ray on Mondays, The Alegrias on Wednesdays and Dottie on Fridays. But putting all the stories about one event together makes it even funnier.




Time: 2:15

Fight to keep control, dude!

Film written and animated by Joseph Kim. Original music composed by Hylton Mowday. Sound design by Jamie Greene.

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: This story could have been sappy, but when the dude starts attacking the clown balloon it turns to hysterical dark comedy and reminds all of us that no matter how nice we look there could be a psycho inside. Love it, don’t you?




Hollywood ASST from Back of the Class on Vimeo.

Time: 4:06

Everybody wants the golden ticket to Hollywood, right? Yeah, but what happens when your Grandma’s two-digit inheritance runs out, you don’t get call backs or land the million-dollar payday? You get a job as a Hollywood assistant.

Credits: This video produced by BackOfTheClass.net. Brett Weiner is a Tufts grad surviving in Hollywood and the creator of backoftheclass.net where he writes, directs and produces short films. Max Dionne is also a Tufts escapee and enjoys writing for the screen, vigorous exercise, omelets and sarcasm. Jesse Porter enjoys all things left. Dan Roe was born in Illinois. Now, he lives in Los Angeles. OTHER FRIENDS OF THE CLASS: Jordan Kolasinski, Prescott Gadd, Laura Willcox, Jon Silver and Kate Burns.

Many of these delightful whacked-out individuals were members of Tufts’ sketch comedy group Major: Undecided. They all deserve a Hollywood break today…so call them!!

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: When I opened the email from Howie Meibach this morning with a link to this video, I was thinking…please Jesus let this be hysterical. It was. So, for those of you who’ve never lived in LA or worked in “The Biz” (translation: Hollywood filmmaking business where everyone is unhappy and overpaid except the assistants and professional writers) this rapumentary is for you. The rest of us know the pain of the comedy intimately.

Recommended to FunnyFixx.com by: Howie Meibach of http://www.hollywoodlitsales.com/




Time: 1:36

This is the hysterical story of how New Zealand was created after an earthquake and The Bit That Broke Off became Australia and how New Zealanders went to The Bit That Broke Off to seek fortune and fame and how New Zealand wants now to claim their Kiwis back from all over the world and hook them all up.

Check out the Kea New Zealand website at http://keanewzealand.com/.

FUNNYFIXX NOTE: My Aussie buddy Spinner Howland thought this video was too funny but when I followed his link, there was no way to feature the video on FunnyFixx since there was no embed code. So I emailed Kathryn at Kea New Zealand and asked if they planned to upload to a public website so I could grab their code. Ten days later…Kathryn sent me the fab news that The Bit That Broke Off was available to feature on FunnyFixx. Thanks Spinner, Kathryn, Kea New Zealand, The Bit That Broke Off and all Kiwis worldwide. Cheers!

Recommended to FunnyFixx.com by: Spinner Howland

P.S. I am determined that one day in the not-too-distant future RUGBY GIRLZ will be made in New Zealand. It’s a script I wrote about a 16-year-old Maori girl from New Zealand who is mad about rugby. When she’s sent to live with her aunt in America’s Deep South, she starts a girls’ rugby team and sets off a girl-power movement in the little hick town. If I’m talking Hollywood…it’s Bend It Like Beckham set in the emerging world of girls’ rugby in the U.S.